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This is a collection of documents by and for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission 2010-2014. Many of these documents have been superseded; others will be replaced over the current process.

Folder Feedback 2010-2014  (41)

A collection of feedback gathered when the Commission was operating in 2010-2014.

Folder Issues & Interests Report (Archive)  (1)

These documents were written around 2012. The report itself is found here, as an appendix to the 2019 report.

Folder Plan Alternatives Package  (2)

In 2014, the Commission developed five simple plan alternatives as a way to explore what a plan for the region could look like, and to gather input from the public, stakeholders and Parties. When planning resumes in 2019, the Commission will be provided the 2014 Plan Alternatives for reference.  

Folder Resource Assessment Report (archive)  (34)

This report was published in 2013, and is being updated to support planning in 2019 and beyond. Check back for updates!

The following Chapters are contained in this report:


2. Vision, Goals and Principles

3. Relevant Legislation

4. People, Settlement and Economy

5. Biophysical Setting

6. Land Status

7. Resource Value

8. Heritage

9. Water

10. Forests

11. Fish & Wildlife Habitat

12. Conservation Priorities Assessment

13. Minerals

14. Energy

15. Agriculture

16. Tourism and Recreation

17. Transportation and Access


pdf Annual Report 2012

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pdf Land Use Planner Job Description Statement of Qualifications

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