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This is a collection of documents by and for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission 2010-2014. Many of these documents have been superseded; others will be replaced over the current process.

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Our documents leading up to and including the Draft Plan are here. For feedback on the Draft Plan from the public, parties or  plan partners, click here.

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The Commission has received submissions from the Tr'ondek Hwëch'in Government and the Yukon Government on their issues and interests in the region. Those from the public and interested groups will be reported here.

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We've have provided the Recommended Plans in a few formats: full, summary and highlights. The full Recommended Plan is provided in several parts to reduce download size.

Please note: Consultation on the Recommended Plan will undertaken by the Parties (Government of Yukon and Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in) not the Dawson Regional Planning Commission as per Chapter 11 of the TH Final Agreement. Consultation will begin in September 2022. 


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This is a comprehensive report on the resources and values of the Dawson Region as of early 2020. We do not plan on updating this report. Any new information or reports will be included below separately. An archive of the 2013 version of this report is found here.

Executive Summary

Dawson Planning Region Resource Assessment Report 2020

MAP SERIES: All maps are provided individually in high resolution, or compiled together in lower resolution.

APPENDIX A: Dawson Land Use Planning Mineral Potential Assessment (2019)

APPENDIX B: Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan (2013)

APPENDIX C: Tombstone Territorial Park Management Plan (2009)

APPENDIX D: We are Dënezhu. The People of this land (2019)


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