The following is the Vision Statement of the Commission up to 2014. It will be considered by the new Commission (2018-), and may be revised:

The Dawson Region is an ancient and uniquely unglaciated landscape, with an abundance of natural resources and a diverse cultural legacy that contributes to the well being of all Yukoners.

People have been and continue to be an integral part of the landscape, acting as stewards to protect natural values, and working together as a community to realize opportunities for well-balanced economic growth.

Shared and respectful use of resources contributes to a sustainable and self-supporting economy.

Ecological and cultural values are undiminished by the careful development of economic resources; ensuring healthy ecosystems and clean drinking water are enjoyed by future generations.

People engage in consensus building, working with purpose and in harmony to sustainably balance the environment, economy and quality of life.


Vision Statement ratified by the Dawson Regional Planning Commission on September 28, 2013

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