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One of the key Plan Concepts in the Draft Plan is a Cumulative Effects Framework. The Commission have recommended surface disturbance and linear density as the primary cumulative effects indicators in the plan. These concepts sound very technical and difficult to understand so the Commission have provided some graphics to help to make this concept more clear to the general public. 

Explore this folder to further understand the concept of surface and linear disturbance and to understand how they are applied in the plan through the Integrated Stewardship Areas (ISA).  For more information please see section 3 of the Draft Plan

*Note: The illustration graphic is for illustrative purposes only.  It is an artistic rendering intended to communicate the concept of Surface Disturbance and Linear Disturbance Thresholds as a Cumulative Effects indicator. Although based on real data and maps from the Dawson Region, it is not a GIS product and contains inevitable visual exaggerations and approximations.  



pdf Distribution/abundance of wetlands within each LMU Dawson Region


Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in and Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) provided this statistical analysis to the Commission to consider as they continue their discussions regarding wetlands in the Draft Plan. 

The analysis breaks down the abundance of wetlands and wetland types in the region by Land Management Unit.  

pdf Disturbance Indicators per Draft Plan LMU

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A one page (2-sided) handout showing disturbance levels for each of the Draft Plan's LMUs. Includes a very brief description of the data and limitations.