Landscape Management Units

The Dawson Planning Region has been divided into discrete areas of land. Consistent with other Regional land use plans, these are called Landscape Management Units (LMUs). Each LMU is identified and delineated from the others based on a review of human use, ecological properties, current and anticipated levels of development, and/or identified land use issues. Each LMU has a distinct management intent which translates to differences in how they are designated for land use.

As much as possible, the boundaries of each LMU follow an existing natural (e.g., watershed, major river), or man-made (e.g., highway, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in land selections) boundary. Where applicable, LMU boundaries have been delineated to be consistent with adjacent Regional land use plans.

The Plan recommends establishing 21 LMUs within the Dawson Planning Region (see our Interactive Map or the downloadable Map 1 – Land Designations). The management intent for each LMU has been included in Section 6 – Landscape Management Units (page 160 of the full Recommended Plan) including the recommended land use designation and any special management directions recommended. This information, and more, will soon be included on our Interactive Map and the pages below.

LMU 1 LMU 8 LMU 15
LMU 2 LMU 9 LMU 16
LMU 3 LMU 10 LMU 17
LMU 4 LMU 11 LMU 18
LMU 5 LMU 12 LMU 19
LMU 6 LMU 13 LMU 20
LMU 7 LMU 14 LMU 21


Map of LMUs and their designations, or zoning