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We've have provided the Recommended Plans in a few formats: full, summary and highlights. The full Recommended Plan is provided in several parts to reduce download size.

Please note: Consultation on the Recommended Plan will undertaken by the Parties (Government of Yukon and Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in) not the Dawson Regional Planning Commission as per Chapter 11 of the TH Final Agreement. Consultation will begin in September 2022. 



pdf Recommended Plan: Highlights Popular


Recommended Plan: Highlights

Full-colour 8-page highlights of the plan that touch on key concepts.

pdf Recommended Plan: Summary Popular


Recommended Plan: Summary

This is a full-colour 82-page summary of the Recommended Plan.

pdf Recommended Plan: Main Popular


Recommended Plan: Main

The detailed Recommended Plan, without maps and appendices.

pdf Recommended Plan: Map Package Popular


Recommended Plan: Map Package

Eight full-colour insert maps intended to be printed on tabloid-sized (11x17") paper. Maps 1 & 2 show direction from the Recommended Plan, while maps 3-8 show the current status and some values of the Region.

pdf Recommended Plan: Appendices Popular



  1. Recommended Planning Strategies: a table of all the recommendations to the Parties.
  2. LMU Names: a table listing the names and rational for each Land Management Unit.
  3. Cumulative Effects Framework Thresholds: table describing the threshold levels for each designation as well as some explanation.
  4. Dawson Land Stewardship Trust: additional explanation of this concept.

pdf Illustrated Map of the Dawson Region Popular


Illustrated Map of the Dawson Region

A map of the region showing illustrations of each LMU. Produced by Yukon Graphic Recording for the DRPC.

pdf Recommended Plan Illustrated Summary Popular


The Commission commissioned Yukon Graphic Recording to produce a illustrative map of the planning region and the values and stories from each Land Management Unit to help communicate the Recommended Plan to a broader audience. This booklet is a illustrative summary of the Recommended Plan. 

pdf Exploring the Cumulative Effects of Future Land Use in the Dawson Planning Region Popular


In October 2022 the Commission endorsed this Cumulative Effects report. This report provides insight into the development of the Cumulative Effects Framework in the Recommended Plan, details about the future scenario modeling that the Commission undertook with support from YLUPC and the Parties, and explores socio-cultural and socio-economic indicators for future consideration.  

pdf Recommended Plan Methods Report Popular

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Recommended Plan Methods Report

A report describing the methods used by the Commission and staff when writing the Recommended Plan. This report focuses on their work between the Draft Plan and the Recommended Plan, and is organized by planning concept.