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The Report is accompanied by Resource Summary Maps depicting the distribution of resources across the region. The following Maps are distributed with the Resource Assessment Report:


: Notes regarding data sources may be found in Section 3 of the Resource Assessment Report


pdf 21 Placer Mining Activity Popular


Placer Land Use Permits

Placer Claims:

Placer Operations (Feb, 2010)

Placer Streams (Feb 2010)

Prospecting Leases (Feb 2010)

pdf 22 Oil and Gas Basins Popular


Yukon Oil and Gas Exploration Regions. Based on the Resource Assesments completed and the 2003 Yukon Digital Bedrock Geology. Created by Oil and Gas Managemnet Branch under guidance from Yukon Geological Survey 

pdf 23 Infrastructure, Access and Land Status Popular


Government of Yukon. 2010. Mapping of surface disturbance and linear features in the Dawson Land Use Planning Region. Department of Environment. Mammoth Mapping, Dawson City Yukon January 2010. 

pdf 24 Recent YESAB Applications Popular


Dawson Regional Planning Commission. 2012. YESAB Project Tracking Spreadsheet: January 2010 – April 2012. Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. 

pdf 25 Tourism Value Map 11x17 Popular


Produced by Mammoth Mapping 2012 for the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Yukon.

High recreation value/potential: Recreation Features Inventory, Department of Environment, YG
Private infrastructure: Lands Branch, Department of Energy, Mines& Resources, YG
Tourism activities, resources: Department of Tourism & Culture, YG Campgrounds, outfitting concessions,
Hillshading: Department of Environment, YG
Protected areas: Department of Environment, YG; Atlas of Canada; NWT Protected Areas Strategy, GNWT; NWT Centre for Geomatics; Parks and Protected Areas Branch, BC; National Park Service (US), Alaska Regional Office
Air Transportation: Canada Flight Supplement, Nav Canada; NTDB, NRCan
Surface Transportation: Geobase; NTDB, NRCan; Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Land Records Information Section
Hydrography, glaciers: Atlas of Canada; Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Land Information Section; NTDB, NRCan; GLIMS database, NSIDC
All other data: Department of Tourism & Culture, YG

pdf 26 WatershedBoundaries Popular


Government of Canada. 2007. National Hydro Network. Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector, Mapping Information Branch, Centre for Topographic Information - Sherbrooke  from 1:50,000 data

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